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Great Wall Motor Interested In Jeep

Oct. 13, 2017

Yesterday, Great Wall motor said it did intend to buy the Jeep brand and had contact with FCA. Great Wall motor President Wang Fengying said in an email that the Wall planned to buy Jeep and had "contact" with the FCA to negotiate the acquisition

Great Wall Motor Interested In Jeep

In fact, Jeep is the jewel in the FCA because its global brand reputation is relatively solid. Jeep may be the only thing interested in FCA. Jeep is undoubtedly the most valuable part of the FCA investment, and in theory it is worth more than the entire carmaker of the FCA.

“we are very interested in Jeep and have spent a lot of time focusing on it.Our strategic goal is to become the world’s largest SUV manufacturer.Buying Jeep will enable us to achieve our goals faster and better.”said Xu Hui,secretary of Great Wall Motor.


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