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The Dusseldorf exhibition in Germany has come to a successful conclusion

Mar. 03, 2020

Bobon attended the Dusseldorf exhibition in Germany to a successful conclusion

Bo state today

Dusseldorf international commodity retail exhibition (EuroShop) beginning in 1966, held every three years in the German economy developed region, is one of the most important German retail industry, the exhibition has a long history and development all the way up to now, Dusseldorf, Germany international commodity retail show retail industry has become the world exhibition is the attention to sales and marketing experts.

Shanghai goodbang sign co., LTD. Was honored to participate in the exhibition.


Exhibition time: February 16-20, 2020

Location: Dusseldorf exhibition center

Organizer: Dusseldorf exhibition group, Germany.

This exhibition let bobang logo contact more customers, know more partners!

This exhibition will focus on the display of visual marketing, commercial space design, commercial equipment and facilities, business automation and other aspects of the latest equipment, technology and services, will bring together many brands of retail enterprises and professionals.The exhibition exhibits scope: shop assembly, shop equipment, building technology;Lighting, lighting technology;Display case of frozen food;Visual sales planning, promotion, point-of-sale marketing;Communications and information technology;Sales security system;Construction, design and activities of exhibition stands;Other related services.

The last EuroShop Dusseldorf retail trade fair had an exhibition area of 180,000 square meters, which brought visitors the latest products and information of the global retail industry.

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Bobang also warmly welcome your call to visit, win-win new era!


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