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Volkswagen new sign

Dec. 12, 2019

The latest sensational Volkswagen new logo, you need to replace your 4S shop car sign!

Volkswagen group of Germany has started to use the new Volkswagen LOGO in the public media publicity documents, opening a new era of Volkswagen.


Only by contrast can we distinguish.Now 3D three-dimensional effect of the public LOGO, replaced by a flat new LOGO of the public, under the cool, sending out a simple and lively taste.Back in April 2018, a senior executive of Volkswagen announced in Berlin that Volkswagen would release a new LOGO in 2019 to build on the past and open a new Volkswagen image.So far, the public has been "quietly" in the digital media environment with a new flat LOGO, starting to gradually import.


So far, the LOGO has evolved 12 times, mostly in color.Before 1967, the black LOGO was used, and then the blue tone was used.After 32 years, all for flat style, the recent days into the 3D three-dimensional effect design, continue to this day.Geomantic turn in turn, return to flat change backflow.



As for the production of Volkswagen LOGO LOGO, professional automotive LOGO production is to make high-quality acrylic or ABS plate through the vacuum positioning of CNC blister molding machine, suction molding, high precision degree of aluminum mold can ensure the accuracy of each product.After the basic forming of Volkswagen screen printing luminous logo, it needs to go through several processes such as milling, engraving, polishing, laminating, art, etc. Finally, the logo is laid with LED energy-saving light source, built-in waterproof LED, with waterproof transformer, after baking a three-dimensional logo prototype is basically completed.

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