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Hyundai’s Global New Sign

Dec. 19, 2017

Established in 1967,Hyundai is one of the leading—in terms of market share,volume,and performance—car manufacturers in the world.Headquartered in Seoul,South Korea,the company employs over 75,000 people worldwide and its range of vehicles are sold in 193 countries.Hyundai is also a part-owner of Kia Motors,making its reach and portfolio even larger.In the U.S.,Hyundai has a manufacturing facility in Montgomery, AL;engineering facilities in Michigan;and design,research,and testing grounds in California,contributing 5,000 jobs to the automotive industry.This year,Hyundai introduced a global identity designed by Creative Works,the company’s in-house design group.

Hyundai’s Global New Sign

The new logo remains the same minus the tonnage of chrome effects it had previously,which instantly makes it a better logo for print and digital applications,giving it more flexibility and reproducibility.The size relationship between icon and wordmark is also more engaging with the smaller icon,highlighting how underrated the Hyundai wordmark is—because is nice.The shift to a darker blue adds an instant touch of class and makes the brand feel less like an entry-level car and more in line with the Audis of the world.

Hyundai’s Global New Sign


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